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Frequently Asked Questions

How does your training program work?

After a consultation request form is filled out, we will reach out via phone call and schedule an in-person consultation with you and your furry friend. This initial consultation fee is *$125. This fee will count towards the price of your sessions if you decide to become a part of our Precision K9 Shaping family. After this one-on-one consultation, we will recommend a sequence of successive sessions. We typically custom create a training program with between 8-12 sessions. Every dog is different with different goals and starting points. We always follow these steps in order to offer the best, customized training for our clients.  
*An additional $30 travel fee with be added to the consultation cost for any client outside of a 60-mile radius from Prairieville.

Does Precision K9 Training offer a course or session that specifically focuses on potty training? Would you take on a client to potty train their dog as a stand-alone skill?

The short answer is no. We do not offer sessions that specifically address potty training. We share techniques that we have observed to be successful in our training programs, but we do not offer “reconditioning” sessions with this particular focus.  

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