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We provide dog training in the Baton Rouge area that assists in behavior modification. This style of training is geared towards shaping behavior to fit the owner's lifestyle.

Mission Statement

Precision K9 Shaping (Who we Are):
Precision K9 Shaping’s mission is to safeguard our community by utilizing the unique capabilities and training of our canines.
We strive to enhance the quality of life for each person and group that we serve; we recognize and accept the important responsibility inherent with this mindset.
In both our personal training dynamic AND in our detection services, we are dedicated to quality, and improving health and safety outcomes.
Our vision is simple: to create a safer world.
We will use all of our resources to fight for a better, more secure world.
Core Values
Realizing our best work with each client we serve
A steadfast moral compass
To be a relentless force for enhanced safety and holistic health
To end and/or minimize violence and trauma
Unwavering dedication to our vision
Promoting drug-free environments
Mission-driven and professional in every task

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What our clients say

Angela Gutierrez
Angela Gutierrez
Customer Review

AMAZING progress! We have 2 mix labs and we couldn’t even walk our dogs. We couldn’t have company over because would bark the entire time. Gaston, definitely took care of that. Great to work with and very knowledgeable in what he does. Highly recommend!

Clay Elliot
Clay Elliot
Customer Review

Different and more effective than any dog training I’ve participated in. His knowledge and communication is unreal. Reaux and I highly recommend Gaston.

John Riley Spurlock
John Riley Spurlock
Customer Review

Gaston was a pleasure to work with. His work is individualized to each client based on their goals and availability. He not only helps the dog, but more importantly, focuses on teaching the owner how to work with their dog. We highly recommend choosing Precision K9 and so does Coco!

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