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Meet Chris

Meet Chris

In addition to a long career (including owning a proftibable small business) in the business community, Chris is a former teacher, coach and educational administrator with over 12 years of experience. Chris earned a reputation as an energetic advocate for his students, athletes, and colleagues during his years in the educational arena.

Recently, Chris has joined the team at Precision K9 Shaping, and is currently helping in the logistal details associated with the building and construction of our new facility.  Along with Precision K9 Shaping, Chris looks forward to the challenge and the reward of working in service to the company mission of providing the best suite of 'canine services' for the local community. 

Having been friends, colleagues, and neighbors for many years, Chris has been fortuante enough to work with Gaston on many projects across many domains.  It is with great joy and anticipation that he officially joins the team.


Chris Gleason, Precision K9 Shaping

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